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Volunteering with Hair & Care.

We are always welcoming new volunteers. We want to share with you all the positives and benefits of volunteering. Although volunteering is all about helping others, there are many personal benefits. 

Image of a participant (on the left) and a volunteer (on the right), in conversation at a Hair & Care workshop.


Volunteering can improve overall mental and physical health by reducing stress,  increasing happiness, and providing a new sense of purpose. 

It allows you to see the challenges that others face and appreciate your blessings in life. It can be a time to momentarily remove yourself from the daily pressures of life, remember what is important and be grateful.

Volunteering with Hair & Care is rewarding in many ways. Watching our participants confidence grow with each workshop, being part of a growing community which our participants see as a safe space, and personal growth and learning more with each workshop. 

What Does Volunteering Do?

Allows you to make a positive impact on others, and the community.


Offering your time, skills and resources to help those in need, is rewarding and fulfilling.

Gives the opportunity to connect with different people, learn new things and gain understanding and perspective of the world around you. 

Promotes empathy, compassion, and gratitude.

Benefits those you are helping but also your own well-being and personal growth. 

Image of a voluunteer (on the left) and a participant (on the right) sitting at the table during a Hair & Care workshop. There are hair brushes laid out on the table, the volunteer smiles at the particpant as they discuss hair styling techniques.
Our founder, Anna Cofone, helping a participant style their hair, during a Hair & Care workshop.

Mindful Language.

When volunteering for Hair & Care workshops, it is important we are mindful about what language we use. This is a great skill to have across all aspects of life. Especially for hairstylists to take with them to their own salons, or workplace as a step to making the beauty industry more inclusive.


When volunteering you are actively pushing yourself to understand and empathise with the difficulties others face. When we don't take part in helping others we can lose empathy due to lack of understanding. Volunteering helps us to grow, educate ourselves and treat others with kindness.


Hairstylists who volunteer with us will have a better understanding and awareness of what their salon/workplace needs for it to welcome blind or partially impaired people. Sharing the skills of accessible communication and mindful language with other hairstylists shall create a safe and inclusive environment within their salon.

An image of the large white table in the main hall of the Hackney Depot. There are participants and volunteers seated around the table, interacting with one another and testing their hair care kits., which are laid out infront of them.
Image of the main hall during a workshop, Anna is standing at the head of the table, with a volunteer seated next to her, and another volunteer stood behind the participants.

How to Volunteer With Us?

Email us:

We can give you more information about our workshops, and what the volunteering entails. 

We love meeting our new volunteers, and welcoming them into our growing community.

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