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Our Workshops.

We run monthly workshops to introduce blind and low vision women and young girls to the importance of caring for their hair, and how that impacts their self-care.

​Joining the Hair & Care Workshops gives you the opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery with a wonderful community of other blind and low vision women and young girls who connect and understand each other’s concerns, building upon their skills.

You will be guided throughout the process by our collective of top hairstylists, who can provide individual advice about any concerns you may have. We will equip you with the knowledge, skills and tools you need to perfect your hair care routine and hairstyles.

​You will learn how to care for your scalp, how to make washing your hair more accessible, how to create a hairstyle for a job interview or a special event and how to be comfortable using heated tools and a range of hair products suitable for your hair texture and style. 


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Frequently Asked Questions? 

Where are the Hair&Care workshops held? 

We run our workshops at Hackney Depot a fully accessible building.

Address: 5 Sheep Ln, London E8 4QS, United Kingdom

Are the Hair&Care workshops free? 

Yes, our workshops are completely free of charge. We fund our costs through grant applications, fundraising events and in-kind donations. 

How long do the Hair&Care workshops last? 

Our workshops last 2 hours and 30 minutes. 

Can I come with my guide dog / carer or relative? 

Yes, if you need support they are more than welcome and can stay for the whole session. 

Do I need to bring anything to the session? 

If this is your first session you don't need to bring anything. We will provide you with a full hair kit completely free of charge. If this is not your first time and you already have your session kit, you will need to bring it with you. 

Black and white image of a group of volunteers, and attendees working around the table at a Hair & Care workshop.

Who attends our Hair&Care workshops?

Our focus is to create and nurture a safe space for blind and low vision women and young girls. Recently, the demand for our activities has increased and we're now working with women from 12 to 70 years old. 

For specific projects with other partner organisations, we extend our activities to blind and low vision children and young people, both female and male.

Hair & Care currently works with a number of different charities that focus exclusively on those who are blind or have low vision: RNIB, Linden Lodge CollegeRSBC, VICTA, LOOK UKBLIND AID, RETINA, GUIDE DOGS.

We work to be an inclusive, accessible, and beneficiary-led organisation.

Our workshops are all about you!

You set the direction, choose the topics and determine the style. We value your insights gained through discussion and feedback. Your input will help us tailor future workshops to better meet your needs.

We always work on the basis that it is always better to support you by first asking you how you want to be supported.

Diversity and equity are our priorities. We focus on serving diverse communities, collecting ethnicity data to tailor techniques and resources to your specific hair textures and needs.

Accessibility is important to us. Every aspect of the workshop, from location to communication channels, is carefully adapted to meet the needs of the blind and low vision community. We're here for you every step of the way! 

If you think there's anything we can improve, please contact us:

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